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What is RT2 ?

It is known that 3D graphics is based on tracing of light rays. There are two main techniques of tracing light rays - direct ray tracing, also known as Rasterization and reverse ray tracing or Ray Tracing, shortly RT.

We will further refer to the collection of methods allowing for synthesis of 3D graphics with RT in Real-Time, also RT, as RT2.



Arbitrary terrain reconstruction is based on the digital elevation data. This data can be real or artificial, i.e. created in Bryce. Also suggested approach allows synthesis of the dynamically changing surfaces, for instance, water surface. Below are the examples of terrain surface synthesis. More >>>

Visibility and clouds

The atmosphere visibility is given by well known term –meteorological optical range (MOR). Our methods are capable of synthesizing 3D images of haze, fog as well as stand alone clouds and solid cloudiness with top and bottom bounds. The object “cloud” has its own description and type (cumulus, plumose, etc.). The big cloud clusters are built using a random number generator. There is an animation of clouds which includes demonstration of motion, dynamic formation and transparency. More >>>

Artificial objects

The geometry of artificial objects is most commonly described with drawings, grid models, etc. In our approach, the graphics primitives are the surfaces of the first and second order. Apart from common object description (i.e. geometric, textural) we have developed additional description methods for both dynamic and static artificial objects that substantially reduce rendering time.More >>>

Light and shadows

The diffusion, diffraction and reflection of light along with shadows give us the impression of reality. Parameters of the light sources are color, luminous intensity, directional pattern, location and extension in space. Parameter control defines the surface emittance and reflection. The light is diffused by particles of water, dust, etc. with given size, density and dispersion indicator. Shadows are automatically computed for any 3D objects such as terrain, natural and artificial objects, clouds etc.
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Source data is represented in the form of 3D matrix of density distribution within the volume.
Image synthesis is conducted using ray tracing which again confirms the universal aspect of this technique. Visualization system based on our approach can be used for medical visualization as well as technical drawing. More >>>

Газодинамические объекты

Разработана модель описания газодинамических объектов (ГО), которая позволяет определять параметры объекта в любой момент времени в заданной области пространства. Результаты могут быть использованы в задачах научно-исследовательской визуализации, в промышленности (САПР по аэродинамике, гидродинамике) и при разработке систем визуализации реального времени для тренажеров транспортных средств. More >>>

Modeling Software

We have created modeling software, which allows to check mathematical models and algorithms developed by us. More >>>


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