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What is RT2 ?

It is known that 3D graphics is based on tracing of light rays. There are two main techniques of tracing light rays - direct ray tracing, also known as Rasterization and reverse ray tracing or Ray Tracing, shortly RT.

We will further refer to the collection of methods allowing for synthesis of 3D graphics with RT in Real-Time, also RT, as RT2.


Animated GIF

    All images presented on this site were generated using analytic surfaces. No triangles were used.

Thank you for visiting us. This site has been developed by a group that is developing the GPU architecture capable of synthesizing images using ray-tracing in real-time.

The nearest goal is an FPGA prototype implementing our approach. The final goal is the creation of a single-chip device for high quality realistic interactive visualization of 3D surfaces, volumes and complex dynamic scenes.


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Take-off Su-27

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