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      Developed mathematical models and algorithms allow the synthesis of arbitrary surfaces without triangulation. Synthesized surfaces are smooth and contain no ribbing. This simplifies the lighting and shading calculations in contrast to polygonal surface approximation with illumination interpolation (i.e. Gouraud or Phong ). Terrain reconstruction is based on the digital elevation data. Reconstruction is done on the fly and doesn't demand subsidiary data.

Static relief


a)                                                 b)                                                 c)

Figure 1 - (a) the Digital Terrain Elevation Data, (b, c) the Synthesis Examples of the Same Data

Mount St. Helens

a)                                     b)

Figure 2 - (a) the Digital Terrain Elevation Data, (b) the Synthesis Example of the Same Data

      There is Panorama, 2048x1536, zip bmp to demonstrate the algorithms precision

      Above pictures are rendered from ArcGrid elevation data (http://seamless.usgs.gov/). Resolution of the data is 1'.

Dynamic relief

Water surface


Figure 3 - Waves caused by water droplet

       Full video clip for this case can be seen here: water1.avi (0.66 M)


Figure 4 - Waves caused by 3 water droplets

       Full video clip for this case can be seen here: water3.avi (0.87 M)

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