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      In Figure 1 we present CT- and MR-derived volumes. The data was taken from radiology.uiowa.edu and www.volren.org.

      a) CT of the human skull;
      b) CT of the human skull with filtration resulting in skin showing;
      с) Sagittal MR image of the brain;
      d) CT of the foot.


a)                                                 b)

voxel size in mm - 0.35x0.35x2, resolution - 256x256x97


c)                                                  d)

voxel size in mm - 0.98x0.98x3 voxel size in mm - 1.00x1.00x1.00
resolution - 256x256x19 resolution - 256x256x256

Figure 1


Figure 2. Vizualizing of slice. Color is a function of density.

      Figure 3 depicts CT images of the human skull in different planes using various filters to accent soft tissue.

      a, b) CT of the skull;
      с, d) CT of the skull: using filters to extract bones tissue.


a)                                                 b)                                                 c)                                                 d)

Figure 3. Voxel size in mm - 0.7x0.7x2, resolution - 256x256x203

      Figure 4 shows CT image of bonsai tree (left) and lobster (right).


voxel size in mm - 1.00x1.00x1.00 voxel size in mm - 1.00x1.00x1.40
resolution - 256x256x256 resolution - 301x324x56

Figure 4

      Intravision, or volume visualization, has applications in technical sciences as well. In Figure 5 we present CT images of cylinder block head in different planes.


Figure 5. Voxel size in mm - 1.00x1.00x1.00, resolution - 256x256x256.

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