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What is RT2 ?

It is known that 3D graphics is based on tracing of light rays. There are two main techniques of tracing light rays - direct ray tracing, also known as Rasterization and reverse ray tracing or Ray Tracing, shortly RT.

We will further refer to the collection of methods allowing for synthesis of 3D graphics with RT in Real-Time, also RT, as RT2.


All of the members of our group are graduates of Kharkov National University of Radio-Electronics, Ukraine.

Research work on this topic have been conducted under the direction of Gusyatin, V.M. starting from the late 80s at the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Initially, the funding for the development of the processor for fast geometric transformations has been provided by the Central Institute for Aero-Dynamics and the Tupolev Corporation, Moscow.
During the period 1991-1993 the work on the creation of visualization system has been financed by the Ukrainian Civil Aviation Administration, Kiev. At the time of the absence of consistent funding the program continued based solely on the enthusiasm of the participants.

The core of the development team consisted mainly of the professors and graduate students of the department as well as the students from the Computer Engineering and Control Department. Extensive support for the project was provided by the head of the department professor Oleg Rudenko

Research group members:

Dr. Gusyatin Vladimir Mihajlovich
    professor of ECE department
Dr. Gusyatin Eugeny Mihajlovich
    assistant professor
Dr. Yankovsky Alexander Arkadjevich
    assistant professor
Dr. Ostroushko Andrey Pavlovich
    assistant professor
Dr. Chagovets Yaroslav Vasilievich
    assistant professor
Dr. Filimonchuk Mikhail Anatolievich
    senior teacher
Dr. Bugriy Andrey Nikolaevich
    senior teacher
Gromenko Alexander Eugeniyevich
    PhD student
Sidorov Vladimir Nikolaevich
    PhD student
Semikin Nikolay Eugeniyevich
    PhD student
Kozhushko Dmitriy Genadiyevich
    PhD student
Sorokin Ruslan Vadimovich
    PhD student

At different development stages as well as presently large contributions in software development, object and scene creation have been made by the following students: Sergei Balobin, Sergei Ivantishen, Denis Shopin.


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