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Modelling Software

       Ray Tracing method allows to add new functional capabilities to the developed chip. These new capabilities are not peculiar to today's chips. They are not part of standard APIs and graphics editors. Our software allows us to analyze these functions in developed (by us) models and algorithms.
      Beside functions intended directly to research the work of algorithms, modeling environment gives ability to:
            - create and edit objects in each of the channels;
            - сreate scenes containing any set of objects from any channels;
            - prepare demonstration images;
            - define a trajectory of object movement;
            - prepare a demonstration clip, both on the separate machine and on a network;
            - take into account light conditions etc.

      All images and clips listed at this site were made using the developed software.

      This software serves as a basis for further development of API (analogous to Direct 3D and Open GL), and to development of plug-ins of existing graphics editors (3DS max, Maya etc.)


Figure - User interface of MS

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